Dawn to Dusk…24 hours on crossroads – novel

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An intriguing story on James who faced three tragedies, losing job, ex-wife and new lover, and how he copes being a single father to his eleven months son.

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When his arranged marriage goes haywire, James, has to juggle from being a father to his eleven months old son, keeping his job, finding love in the strangest place, maintaining a balance and peace between his family and that of his in-law’s who are lost in the battle of power and authority.

The principal character in the story is James, a successful accountant in a company. But James’ marriage is anything but successful, because his wife, Queen, was not the one he presented to his parents. His father, Mr. Osakwe has become bankrupt, and badly needed a new lease of life in his business. Osakwe’s close friend, Nnadi, took advantage of his misfortune and married his daughter, Queen, to James, giving Osakwe a bailout fund of N5million as incentive. Osakwe agreed, believing that somehow James and Queen would later get along together, once they are married.

However that is not to be, as Queen deserted him, leaving a five-month old baby, Junior behind. She was a spoilt child of her father, having very close resemblance to his own mother. Queen’s mother died when Queen was young. This made her to grow up without a good moral training or the feminity needed in a woman. She was so self-centered that she never knew how to please her husband or what his likes and dislikes were. Queen was rejected at the last minute by suitors up to three times in the past. This made her father desperate to marry her out to James.

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This is the background against which the story is built. So on that fateful day that began and ended the story, James was struck by three major tragedies.

Firstly, being a single male parent to an infant was so tasking that it turned him into a habitual latecomer at work. This made him lose his job in the morning hours of that day.

Secondly, in the late afternoon of that day, he knocked down Queen in a car accident. She later died in the hospital that night, after someone anonymously switched off the ECG machine supporting her life.

Thirdly, his new found love Helen, the nanny to his son, in whom he hopes to find solace after he divorces Queen, turned out to have caused Queen’s death. She was arrested by the police and charged for murder.

Helen had been playing pranks with suitors who wanted to marry her right from her school days. She had broken so many hearts in the past that nemesis caught up with her. Finding it so hard to marry, she had been plotting to get James to marry her from the very first day she saw him. Being so desperate to have James now, she saw Queen as a threat to her ambition. She was afraid that Queen may repent, go back to James and turn a new leaf when she was discharged from the hospital. In this desperation, she decided she had no option than to switch off the ECG machine and let Queen die.

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Finally, Osakwe realized the futility of forcing Queen on James and agreed to stand by James and let him decide for himself what he wants in life. Nnadi’s family, which had hitherto been in disarray over the way he always shows preference for Queen, became re-united. The N5 million debt, which kept Osakwe in bondage for so long, was finally written off by Nnadi.

To crown it all, James got a lucrative offer for appointment in an oil company, all on that day. This is to say that God has rewarded him for his perseverance in the face of all these tribulations, by solving all his problems, and giving him a better job.

2 reviews for Dawn to Dusk…24 hours on crossroads – novel

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    A very creative piece of writing, chronicling events all in only 24 hours. time frame. Not an easy task.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Really loved the plot of the story. Gut glued on from the first two episodes. Kudos to the writer and Memorila.com. This is money well spent.

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